‘Turbulent’ at Cowell Theater
Graciela Acedo
‘Turbulent’ at Cowell Theater was ‘anything but’ and went on without a hitch. We were happy to see such talent in this year’s show.
All dancers had exquisite lines coupled with power and maturity we don’t always see in 15–17-year-olds. So it is safe to say that we were pleasantly surprised with the dancers. We were equally impressed with the music chosen and music department’s performance at this year’s show.
The performances worth mentioning are. Here, Now and Everywhere performed to the drums duo of Imad Salloum and Graciela Acedo, choreographed by Graciela Acedo. Graciela is not only a talented choreographer, but accomplished musician as well.

Kid Icarus, danced and choreographed by Max Berenshteyn. Music Ezio Bosso. Beautiful choreography, dancing and impressive stamina, as the piece was almost 9 minutes long. It takes a special talent to keep an audience engaged with a solo performance. Thunder Clutter choreographed by Chris Jacobsen. Music Wild Cub. Unique choreography.

Atonement choreographed by Audrey Swenson-Heim. Music “Asht” by Nebulo & “Experience” by Ludovico Einaudi. We loved the dancing and energy of this group and the choice of costumes, as costumes are sometimes too simple at these performances.
We commend The School of the Arts for always finding new and exciting teachers and choreographers to expand the minds of their students.

Overall, ‘Turbulent’ was a wonderful showcase of talent and creativity. The dancers, choreographers, and musicians all deserve recognition for their hard work and dedication to their craft. It’s great to see young people pushing the boundaries of dance and music and creating such amazing performances. We can’t wait to see what they have in store for us in the future. The Cowell Theater provided a great venue for this performance. The stage was spacious, the lighting was well-coordinated, and the sound quality was excellent. The theater’s technical team did a fantastic job of ensuring that the music and sound effects were synchronized with the dance movements. The audience was fully immersed in the performances, and there were no technical glitches that disrupted the show.

It’s worth mentioning that the event was well-organized and started on time. The program was thoughtfully curated, and the order of the performances was well-planned to create a seamless flow. The organizers also provided clear instructions and directions to the audience members, making it easy for everyone to navigate the venue. Overall, the ‘Turbulent’ show was a great success, and we highly recommend it to anyone who loves dance and music. It’s a testament to the talent and creativity of the young performers, and it’s a joy to witness them push the boundaries of their art form.

Сhristina Kinder