The Aesthetics of Systematic Creation.
A review of Art Sokoloff's Multidisciplinary Art Practice
Art Sokoloff
Art Sokoloff is a rising multidisciplinary artist based in London, whose work centers around structure-based abstraction. His recent shows include Teachable Moment at Stove Works Gallery in Chattanooga, Intaglio at Megalo Print Gallery in Canberra, Mirror Project at 104GALERIE in Tokyo, US, and Perspectives at CICA Museum in Gimpo. He has been shortlisted for the Signature Art Prize 2021 in the print category, and was awarded the ColexArt Website Prize 2021.
As a contemporary artist, Sokoloff's primary goal is to create systems that revolve around structure-based abstraction. His current work explores the influence of rules applied in crafting game-like experiences. Sokoloff takes on the role of both rule-setter and participant, creating "situations" with strict conditions and clear rules, and then resolving them. He investigates the theme of instructions and visual patterns in his work "Regularities" and "Synophones," which are individually hand stamped/drawn. His work "Sequence mapping" involves using simple shapes to create orders that are easily ruined by just one mistake, and as easily changed by just one alteration in the instruction.

Sokoloff's work is characterized by bold geometric figures and regulated interactions related to them, such as multiplications and shift, rotation and sequencing. He aims to reflect on rule-based conceptual art and works in the "task-execution" mode, where decision making is carried out long before the physical making. Sokoloff consciously implements pattern aesthetic in his work to blur the line between generality and particularity in his visual language.

Sokoloff's work can be compared to that of other contemporary American artists who also use geometric figures in their work. For example, Sol LeWitt, who was known for his minimalistic geometric abstraction and who believed that art should not be a vehicle for self-expression, but rather a system of rules. Another artist is Agnes Martin, whose work is characterized by the use of grids, which served as a way to transcend the physical world and achieve a state of transcendence. Sokoloff's work shares similarities with these artists in his use of geometric figures and regulated interactions, but differs in his exploration of game-like experiences and the influence of rules.

In conclusion, Art Sokoloff's work is a refreshing addition to the world of contemporary art. His focus on structure-based abstraction and game-like experiences, as well as his use of bold geometric figures, make his work stand out in the art world. Sokoloff's unique approach to art-making blurs the line between generality and particularity, making his work intriguing and thought-provoking.

James Miller