Surreal atmospheric plastic
Eduard Fadiushin
Art and technology have been closely linked for many centuries, and people endowed with creative intuition have responded sensitively to the emergence of new opportunities. So the transformational processes in culture and art of the beginning of the XIX century are largely due to the emergence of new technological processes, in particular such a medium as photography.

Photography still remains a debatable space, where there is a place for categorical positions that deny its artistic independence. But our century is once again throwing a technological challenge to creators and connoisseurs of art – digital art. A direction where the artistic component argues with the technical one, and the balance between them is sometimes very conditional.

- How to draw the line of authenticity, how to avoid secondary, and most importantly - how can the viewer find the way to a work whose essence lies in its illusory and virtuality? Will digital art become a new milestone in art or will it remain just an actual curiosity? One of the artists answering these questions is Eduard Fadiushin, who combined graphics and photography, digital art and the traditions of surrealism in his work, - said Sofia Blinova, Candidate of Cultural Studies.

The artist himself calls travel the main source of inspiration.
- Returning to the graphics and pictures taken at different times, I realize how the world and my life have changed since then. So I started mixing graphics and shots, - said Eduard Fadiushin.
Eduard Fadyushin was born in Sverdlovsk. After university, he worked for a distribution company of Philip Morris, Dirol Cadbury, Ferrero and other international concerns. Each time he looked at the packaging design with admiration – Chupa Chups logo created by the surrealist Salvador Dali is a great example.

When computers finally became available, he started mastering the art of graphic programs and started drawing illustrations and simultaneously trying himself in graphic design.

- I don't like the word "self-taught". Is it possible to learn something you don't know by yourself? In the age of accessibility of information and limitless opportunities that technology gives us, it is more correct to say "learning by doing". Even experienced artists who have received a traditional education agree that you learn everything yourself when you observe and try it yourself, - emphasizes Eduard Fadiushin.
The artist's early work was influenced by Yana Frank, then he moved towards abstract art, inspired by the work of artists such as Salvador Dali, Yves Tanguy, Jackson Pollock, Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Irina Fadiushina