Performance / Comedy winners
Mikhail Shats - Suitcase, Station and...
Aiden Girard - Sonorous
Emma Wilson - RoboArtistry
Ava Desjardins - The Body Politic
Harper Chang - Embracing Language

Lucy Hernandez - Virtual Performances
Denis Chuzhoy/Dan the stranger - It will always hurt
Chuck Johnson - Jokes and Jest: A Riotous Rendezvous
Rosie Smith - Laughs and Love
Max Williams-Brown - A Comedy Catastrophe
Freddie Garcia- A Comic Cabaret

Mazuecos Belén – Fragile artist
Otta Giulia – Turisti stanchi si riposano su una panchina a Madrid
Julia Garcia – Abstract Contemplations
Maria Santos – My life
Mohit Patel – Multifaceted Expressions

Nick Archer – How Did We Get Here
Elizabeth Atterbury – Free Bread Rolls (Ljakonik)
Tauba Auerbach – Don't tell mom
Davide Balula – La vicina grotta dei ricordi
Paloma Barhaugh-Bordas – Pink and yellow