Nelli Kamaeva: Unveiling the Dimensionality of Art
Nelli Kamaeva
In the heart of Tbilisi, Georgia, Nelli Kamaeva,
a multidisciplinary poster artist, has carved a unique niche
in the world of art and design. Her journey, characterized by
a background in math, edtech, and product design, has been
a fascinating exploration of the subconscious and an ode to creativity's boundless dimensions. Nelli's story is one of transformation, from numbers and algorithms to the captivating world of poster art.

With a foundation in mathematics, Nelli embarked on a bold pivot, pursuing Character Animation courses at CGTarian in Lithuania and delving into typography at the Plantin Institute in Antwerp, Belgium. Further sharpening her skills, she attended Typomania School and Peter Bankov's Posters School. This educational kaleidoscope gave her the tools to blend creativity with dimensionality, resulting in a portfolio that effortlessly weaves between the analog and digital realms.
Nelli's artistic process primarily unfolds in the digital sphere, but she thrives on exploring the tactile nature of her creations on paper and other materials. Her journey into poster art was born out of a desire to break free from the confines of traditional design and metrics. It was in crafting interfaces that Nelli discovered her true calling in the world of posters. These posters represent a harmonious collision of mixed media, digital art, and computer-generated graphics, enriched with a touch of wild typography, 3D, and 4D elements. Her work incorporates traditional printing techniques and a deep appreciation for manual craftsmanship.

Each poster she creates is an intricate puzzle, where she pieces together mind details to construct an inspirational space. This method becomes a tool to investigate the world around her, from natural forms to cityscapes. Nelli's work is a reflection of her passion for exploring negative space, lines, and patterns to replicate form and depth, often utilizing an achromatic color palette.

While rooted in traditional methods, Nelli also seamlessly explores digital techniques to mimic her aesthetic. Texture and craft play a pivotal role in her creative process, enabling her to experiment with a multitude of formats, sizes, and color schemes. Although her work absorbs influences from the reality she witnesses daily, her artistic process is a journey in itself.

Nelli's technique has evolved significantly, and her creations within the Tbilisi Posters project have taken the world by storm. By 2023, her talent had garnered recognition with several awards and prestigious inclusions in biennales, exhibitions, and events worldwide. Her accolades, including the UNOVIS Biennale in Belarus, the Poster Stellars in the US, the PosterBI in Korea, and the Oesol International Typography Awards in Korea, testify to the international appeal and esteem her work commands.
Hypnotic Dictator: Escape the Illusion

In the realm of art, Nelli Kamaeva's "Hypnotic Dictator" poster is a captivating exploration of resistance and the struggle against manipulation and oppression. Crafted during the "Verycomplexstructure poster" course at, this artwork weaves a visual narrative with elements of Thai language, a black background, and striking pink typography.

At the poster's core lies a sketchy-style depiction of a colossal alien face symbolizing a "dictator." With a single eye and a perplexed expression, the face gazes at people fleeing from its mesmerizing control. This imagery serves as a powerful metaphor for the dynamics of power and the human desire to break free from manipulation.
The poster's composition seamlessly combines the elements of the alien face, the fleeing crowd, hypnotic symbolism, and dynamic typography, creating a thought-provoking image that encourages viewers to question authority, challenge manipulation, and strive for personal freedom. Nelli Kamaeva's "Hypnotic Dictator" poster earned a well-deserved Bronze in the Poster Stellars in the US, further highlighting her artistic prowess and the enduring message of her work.

Bubble Fish: An Extraterrestrial Delight

The mesmerizing world of Nelli Kamaeva's "Bubble Fish" poster, a visual masterpiece pays homage to the whimsical creatures from Douglas Adams' "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy." Against a backdrop of cosmic dark blue, this artwork unfolds a captivating narrative. At the forefront of the composition, the words "Bubble Fish" take center stage, elegantly crafted in the intricate curves of the Vai script. The letters appear to ripple like water, echoing the fluidity of the ocean and alluding to the ethereal nature of these fantastical creatures.

As your gaze delves deeper, a spectrum of blues emerges, symbolizing the varying depths of the ocean and evoking a sense of graceful movement. The central focus is a golden-yellow Bubble Fish, exquisitely detailed and seamlessly integrated with the typography. Quotes from "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" spiral around the fish, offering insights into the creature's interdimensional existence. Constellations and star clusters subtly etched into the poster connect the Bubble Fish to the broader cosmos, capturing the essence of Adams' imaginative universe.
This exceptional poster earned the Bronze award in the Poster Stellars competition in the US, a testament to Nelli Kamaeva's exceptional talent and her ability to transport viewers to realms beyond our own.

"Museum History of Georgian Medicine in Tbilisi"

Within the confines of the "Museum History of Georgian Medicine in Tbilisi," a compelling poster encapsulates the very essence of this institution. Its design is a harmonious blend of minimalism and vibrant elements. Against a pristine white canvas, the poster creates a striking contrast, ensuring that the focal point commands attention. At the pinnacle of the poster, the museum's name, "Museum History of Georgian Medicine in Tbilisi," stands boldly and elegantly in black typography. The choice of a bold font emphasizes the paramount importance and significance of the subject matter. Nelli Kamaeva is an artist to watch, a trailblazer in the world of poster art. Her work inspires others to break free from convention and embrace the wild beauty of artistic exploration. Through her innovative and dimensionally rich creations, Nelli demonstrates that the realm of art knows no bounds, and the subconscious mind is an infinite source of inspiration.

Anna Brown