Melodies of Success: The Story of Komey
Matvey Kostyuchenko / Komey
Music artist
Matvey's music is a captivating blend of genres, combining elements of minimal house with nostalgic references to 8-bit music from the 90s. With a modern twist, he expertly weaves in new synths and dance sounds, creating a mesmerizing auditory experience. His compositions evoke memories of classic pixel adventures and the soundscapes of old 8-bit consoles, immersing listeners in a sonic journey through time.
During his early days as a musician, Matvey received invaluable support from the renowned American distributor, "Proton." Their guidance and assistance were instrumental in helping him establish his own record label, aptly named "Worst Date Records." This partnership enabled Matvey to showcase his unique talent and bring his distinctive sound to a wider audience.

Drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of electronic music, Matvey's style can be likened to notable American artists such as Nullsleep and Rainbowdragoneyes. His compositions share a similar passion for crafting immersive soundscapes that transport listeners to an era of retro gaming nostalgia.

Matvey drew inspiration from the enchanting sounds of computers. Intrigued by their unique tones and melodies, he embarked on a sonic exploration, experimenting with arranging these computer sounds in specific sequences and layering them with various effects. Through this innovative approach, a new and captivating melody emerged, captivating listeners with its mesmerizing complexity. Matvey's ability to transform these computer sounds into musical elements showcases his ingenuity and artistic vision.

We invite you to explore Matvey Kostyuchenko's captivating music and immerse yourself in his unique soundscapes. Stay updated with his latest releases, performances, and collaborations as he continues to make waves in the electronic music scene.

James Miller
30 January 2022