Musical performance "Ubik" by Kirill Kalashnikov
The Synthetic Afterlife is a journey that tells the story of the remnants of consciousness in a virtual world. Through an immersive sound atmosphere that interweaves mysticism with mechanics, you'll experience the feeling of alienation and the wonders of the unknown. Join Kirill Kalashnikov’s “Ubik” performance for this unforgettable adventure.

This truly unforgettable sonic trip is inspired by Philip Dick's classic American science fiction novel "Ubik". Kalashnikov's use of sophisticated modular synthesis in an ambient style creates a captivating sound landscape that perfectly captures the themes and atmosphere of the book. The immersive experience takes the audience on a journey through a world that is both familiar and strange, bringing together the worlds of literature and sound in an innovative way.

The performance is a showcase of Kalashnikov's deep feeling of the novel and its underlying themes, as he expertly weaves together soundscapes that convey a sense of alienation and disorientation. The result is a haunting and beautiful soundscape that transports the audience on a journey through the story's twists and turns.

One of the most remarkable aspects of Kalashnikov's approach to creating the soundtrack for "Ubik" is his use of self-generated patches, which minimize human participation and create a machine-driven fantasy that is only slightly influenced by human will. This experimental approach pushes the boundaries of what is possible with modular synthesis and creates a sound that is both organic and machine-like, adding a layer of complexity and emotion to the story.

Kirill Kalashnikov, also known as Wyro, is a highly regarded modular synthesis enthusiast and music producer. While he is widely recognized for his minimal techno and house works, some may also know him from his past alias Implex, where he experimented with liquid funk, intelligent and atmospheric drum and bass, and tech step. However, it is his ambient and experimental electronica works that truly deserve attention. These works instantly transport listeners to deep space, inspiring thoughts of adventure and interaction with other life forms. If you are interested in experiencing his work, his Ubik sampler is available on Wyro Bandcamp page, but the full show is highly recommended. The performance is always new and truly amazing.

"Ubik" is also a testament to the power of music to deepen our engagement with literature. His music enhances the emotional impact of the story and creates a truly immersive experience that stays with the audience long after the performance is over. Overall, Kirill Kalashnikov's musical performance for "Ubik" is a must-see event for fans of science fiction, ambient music, and experimental electronica. It showcases his unique talent and vision as a musician and sound designer, and offers a powerful example of the potential of sound to transport us to new and exciting places.

James Stevenson