Vital energy of metamodern painting
Irina Uva
The illustrator of fashion and modern urban aesthetics, Irina Uva (Uvarova), emerged in 2019 as an artist of singular originality and independence.

Her intimate, charming, pop-art admiring, referring to the vital energy of metamodern painting style, evolving in media ranging from pencil and paint to digital, is unique in the context of American and European artists of the “Golden age” of fashion illustration (1920s -1930s) like Carl “Eric” Erickson, J.C. Leyendecker, René Gruau, Arturo Elena, Christian Berard, Erté, Antonio Lopez, and Alfredo Bouret and of the pioneers of computer technology-based fashion illustration as presented by Kristian Russell, Jason Brooks, ​​Ed Tsuwaki and Graham Rounthwaite.
In her works Irina steps broader from the fashion area of haute couture and high-end fashion houses, taking as her principal subject the people and life of the city, establishing a reputation for rigorously crafted insights into the aestheticism of urban society and big city characters shown in signature fashion stylistics. Irina Uva has a talent to capture the instant beauty of people, showing the aesthetics of their temperament in details, movements, gestures and outlines, sometimes going for a kind of unconventional beauty and individuality. This distinct style is seen in her event illustrations and sketches. The city characters are shown as they were from fashion magazine covers like Vogue, Allure or Vanity Fair.

Frequently employed grotesque is revealing the influence of Arturo Elena, legendary Spanish fashion illustrator, in terms of exaggerated moves and elongation of the figure, but unlike Arturo, Irina Uva works within the flat image. Flat illustration and limited palette gives concentration on the way the linear forms convey the plasticity of the movements and postures, the unique rhythmic of the characters. In her works she is particularly attracted to retro motifs and details, where she finds a very intense concentration of aestheticism, an attention to the linear nature of movement and form.

Whereas urban living is frequently connected by the loss of individuality, Irina Uva always finds individuality, esthetics and beauty even in city rush-hour crowds.The images conjured up by the amazing characters, their charm, their delivery, their gestures often go beyond pure visuality. They manifest their individuality and a hint of space, duration, sound, fullness of air and fragrance. Irina creates narrative art, art that tells a story of the society, showing its aesthetics.

The subjects of her paintings range from street style characters, ballet dancers and sportsmen to shop window displays and yacht and beach leisure time. Irina creates works in series, addressing a certain lifestyle, revealing the singularity, the richness of the art of life (art di vivere). And her works highline art exhibitions and collections related to lifestyle and narrative themes worldwide.
Irina Uva emerged under the influence of the rapid growth of the fashion illustration trend of the XX-XXI century, and created her own distinct style of the fashion and event illustration world.