From Street to Print: The Captivating Artistic Style of Anna Vasilieva
Anna Vasilieva
For decades, street art has been a prominent feature of urban landscapes. This artistic practice became especially popular during the 1970-1980s. The movement has been developing over the years, with many notable artists leaving their marks on the art world. One of the most significant figures within the movement was Jean-Michel Basquiat, whose graffiti-style works were scattered all around New York City. Basquiat created his artworks in bold colors, using chaotic compositions and many powerful messages. His legacy continues to inspire artists all over the world, including Anna Vasilieva, a rising artist in the contemporary art scene.

Anna's passion for street art arose in the 2010s when she became enamored with the expressive and unconventional nature of the medium. Her exploration of street art eventually led her to the works of Jean-Michel Basquiat, whose style profoundly influenced her artistic vision and guided her through the path of discovery, ultimately shaping her authentic style.

Around this time, Anna started studying illustration at the university, where she discovered а genuine interest in the linocut technique. This printmaking technique involves carving an image into a linoleum block, which is then inked and transferred onto paper or fabric. Anna’s linocuts are inspired by Basquiat’s artworks and street art aesthetics in general. Indeed, the combination of non-trivial techniques and elements of street art produces truly curious art objects in their exceptionality.

What sets Anna's linocuts apart is her ability to create works that are not typical for traditional linocut stylistics. The artist creates her objects out of many separate forms while inventing the composition directly on the fabric, without prior planning. The forms are layered on top of each other, creating a multilayered and expressive final visual result that is both bold and powerful. Anna’s incredible artwork captures the energy and vitality of street art, highlighting her technical skill and artistic vision.
She has invented a unique system of deeply personal and universally resonant symbols. Her forms are versatile, meaning they can be implemented in multiple works, each time imbued with unrepeatable emotional connotations. In Anna's art, the symbols are not fixed or rigid but are alive and constantly evolving. Each work represents an opportunity to explore and refine her symbolic language, to add new layers of meanings and emotions.

Vivid colors, intricate layering, and powerful imagery define Anna’s linocuts. Her works represent a celebration of the rebellious street art spirit and vibrant energy of the neo-expressionism movement. Objects are engaging and thought-provoking, offering a highly distinctive and deeply personal perspective on contemporary issues.

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