Decolonizing cultural heritage
There is a group of modern Australian artists who use the traditional knowledge of Aboriginal people to create unique sculptures in the style of primitivism, using the ornaments of bushmen. These artists not only preserve the spiritual heritage of their culture but also create new forms of art that reflect their own views on the world.
One such artist is Sean Tan, who works in the genre of illustration and sculpture. He creates unique sculptures from metal and wood, using traditional techniques and ornaments of Aboriginal people. His works are distinguished by their originality and deep meaning, reflecting the philosophy and culture of Australian Aboriginal people.

Spirit and soul

Another talented artist working in this genre is Kent Morris. He uses modern painting and collage techniques to create unique compositions that reflect the traditions and culture of Aboriginal people. His works often represent bright and colorful compositions, where traditional ornaments and motifs are combined with modern technologies and materials.

Another wonderful artist working in this genre is Bill Harney. He creates unique ceramic sculptures that reflect the traditions and culture of Aboriginal people. His works are characterized by a high degree of skill and originality, which attracts the attention of collectors and sculpture enthusiasts from around the world.

Thus, Australian artists working in the style of primitivism and using the traditional knowledge of Aboriginal people create unique works that not only reflect the culture and traditions of their country but also are an important element of the world cultural heritage.

Bill Harney. How I came to work with Australian Aboriginal cultural codes

When I was young, I worked with Aboriginal people who taught me traditional craftsmanship. I asked them how they made these items and they told me stories related to these techniques. I respected their culture and tried to preserve its traditions in my works. Every time I create a new sculpture, I think about how I can use traditional elements and designs to reflect the Aboriginal cultural heritage and pass it on. This is very important for me because I want my work to preserve the cultural heritage of my country and help others to learn about it.

What is your opinion about contemporary art?

My opinion about contemporary art is quite complex and ambiguous. On the one hand, I admire the creative possibilities that modern technologies and materials provide to artists. I also believe that contemporary art can be a very important medium for the transmission of social, political and cultural ideas.

On the other hand, I often come across works that seem to me to be devoid of meaning and common sense. I believe that in some cases, artists tend to create works that grab attention not for their ideas and creativity, but rather for their provocativeness and shocking content. I also don't like it when modern artists deviate from technical skill in favor of the idea, which, in my opinion, is a lack of their work.