Sound art / Music winners
Anna Isaak – Flueger / A Weather Vane
Kaito Nakamura – Neon Dreamscape
Isabella Rossi – Whispering Breeze
Malik Khan – Mystical Rhythms
Amara Jafari – Desert Serenade
Henrik Andersen – Nordic Harmony
Artur Safarov / Mokka – Foggy City
Sonya Papernaya / Dom na dereve – My dear friend
Konstantin Kirpichnikov (twin // kosty)

Kryztof Paskal – Flux of the Unknown
Elle Knight – Broken Dreams
Aleksei Surkov – Flueger / A Weather Vane
Beth Chucker – Echoes of Silence
Lev Shteinberg – Stormson
Justin Galczynski – The Enigma
Madeline Hollander – Fading Memories
Tarik Kiswanson – Chasing the Sun
Emin Eminzada – Beautiful Long Hair. Singer and song text
Viktor Drobysh – The light of your love. Composer and musician
Maxim Yarushkin – I am home
Julian Lorber – The Beauty Within
Veronika Strelbitskaia (Russia) – "Bird-Music" musical interactive performance

Kirill Kalashnikov – Infinite Sequence
Lyra Starr – Lost Horizons
Uasmi Nasser – ||| - Fusion Between Humans, Technology, and Nature
Cruz Vega – Whispers of the Night
Avery Silver – Fragments of the Soul
Jude Orion – The Darkness Within
Emery Stone – Shadows of the Mind
Sienna Rayne – Luminous Illusions
Alexander Abramov - Butyrka
Greyson Hale – The Art of Dreams
Lennon Frost – A Winter's Tale
Levi Phoenix – The Light in the Darkness
Eden Knight – The Art of Connection
Blake Winter – Shades of Reality

Ava Carrington – Refractions of Light
Santiago Garcia – The Geometry of Chaos
Nia Patel – Serenity in Motion
Owen Liu – The Art of Disruption
Sofia Vega – Transcendence in Nature
Lucas Kim – Beyond the Surface
Anjali Mehta – The Colors of Emotion
Felix Hernandez – The Illusion of Reality
Amelia Wong – Echoes of the Past
Luka Petrov – The Evolution of Form
Leila Ahmed – The Beauty of Diversity

Lucas Oliveira – Perception Beyond
Mai Nguyen – Diversity Explored
Andrea Rossi – The Enlightened Eye
Muhammad Khan – Sensitivity
Camila Fernandez – The Expressive Eye
Amanda Thackray – Intricacy Explored
Rirkrit Tiravanija – How to Disappear
Mungo Thomson – The Radiant Soul
Ben Thorp Brown – The Enchantment Project
Joshua Thorson – The Luminous Eye
Ouellet Kenji – In Dog Years I'm Dead

Sofia Rodriguez – The Intersection of Time and Space
Gabriel Perez – The Illusion of Depth
Emilia Lopez – The Energy of Movement
Mateo Hernandez – The Fluidity of Identity
Olivia Lee – The Layers of Perception
Benjamin Kim – The Complexity of Emotion
Zoe Patel – The Transcendence of Nature
Ethan Wong – The Exploration of Texture
Chloe Martin – The Intersection of Culture and Tradition
Aaron Chen – The Harmony of Color and Form

Christian Perez – The Vibrance of Life
Victoria Lee – The Intersection of Mind and Body
Gabriel Kim – The Transcendence of Form and Function
Maya Hernandez – The Fluidity of Perception
Ethan Nguyen – The Exploration of Abstraction
Olivia Martin – The Beauty of Imperfection
Benjamin Garcia – The Depth of Emotion
Zoe Patel – The Transcendence of Light
Daniel Kim – The Complexity of Sound and Vision
Sophia Lee – The Intersection of Time and Memory