Painting/Graphics section winners
Sofia Smith - Capturing the Intimate Connection
Evgeniya Vinogradova – Muse
Anastasia Korsakova - New Beauty
Lucy Hernandez - Eco-Sculptures
Polina Tyan - Eyes of the Mind
Sergei Vorobev - Geyser
Olivia Dubois - Celebrating Ancient Trees as Guardians of Time and Wisdom
Katerina Karp - Gilgamesh's Odyssey: The Stolen Flower of Immortality
Elena Thompson - Waves of Consciousness
Maxim Miller - Aerial Perspectives
Lee Kim - Eco-Wanderlust: Exploring Ecologically Diverse
Mariia Annenkova – Echoes of Survival: Safeguarding the White Abalone's Future
Mila Che – Tinder_prep
Konstantin "Zmogk" Danilov – Integration #001

Isabella Rodriguez – Chromatic Perspectives
Amir Khan – The Quest for Beauty
Nastya Norway – Sharp time
Marie-Louise Dubois – Timeless Impressions
Maria Cohen – Rabbits Choice
Oscar Ramirez – Beyond the Surface
Vasily Smirnov – Rainy day
Youssef Ahmed – Imperfect Harmonies
Dmitry Ginzburg – Relax
Helena Johansson – Reflections in Motion
Miguel Torres – Creative Disruption
Chen Wei – Hidden Realities
Fatima Al-Saud – Shades of Intensity
Aidan Smith – The Power of Color
Alyona Baranoff – How Do You Think This Feels
Ksenia Semenova – Collage. Monday

Angela Kim – Intuitive Expressions
Sunny Chengwei Geng – Lady E
Ahmed Hassan – Fragments of Life
Lucia Gonzalez – Abstraction in Focus
Juan Carlos Silva – Illusionary Worlds
Hannah Schneider – Transcendent Visions
Aisha Malik – Unbounded Creativity
Jorge Hernandez – Aesthetic Evolution
Tomoko Yamamoto – Divergent Realms
David Nguyen – The Language of Light
Vanessa Almeida – Surreal Sensibilities
Nastya Zharko – Ideation

Christina Barreea – You are art
Olivia Barrionuevo – Kopacabana
Lauren Bartone – Risa y llanto
Donna Bassin – Carillon
matthew anthony batty – Spiritual Connection
Chris Bell – shiny (bright new worlds)
Handelsman Shir – Rebirth
Perego Isabella – Carillon

Khaled Ibrahim – Connection in Chaos
Julia Garcia – Enigmatic Narratives
Maria Santos – Perspectives Unleashed
Mohit Patel – The Soulful Expression
Alexei Petrov – Sensory Realities
Emilia Sánchez – Imaginative Odyssey
Ismail Ahmedov – Cultural Confluences
Anna Kovalenko – The Art of Transformation
Ahmed Ali – The Perception Project
Lucas Oliveira – Embracing the Unknown

Mai Nguyen – The Silence Experiment
Andrea Rossi – The Eternal Emotion
Muhammad Khan – Abstract Contemplations
Camila Fernandez – The Spirit of Nature
William Lee – Harmonious Dissonance
Sofia Hernandez – Adaptation in Design
Akira Suzuki – Multifaceted Expressions
Nadezhda Ivanova – The Luminous Mind
Ayman Al-Farouk – Movement Explored
Mariana Torres – The Enigmatic World

Hassan Ali – Metamorphosis
Martina Müller – The Eclectic Journey
Luca Rossi – Transcending Boundaries
Ali Hassan – Fusion in Focus
Patricia Martinez – Whispers of Imagination
Carlos Flores – The Essence of Creation
Lara Jansen – Navigating the Unknown
Wei Chen – Curiosity Explored
Ahmad Jamal – Intuitive Impressions
Carmen Silva – Exploring the Unseen