Alexandra Porsin: Engaged by life itself
Alexandra Porsin
If you desire for life to ignite, to resonate, to whisper, to chime, to rustle, to hum, and perhaps all at once and in unison (or disharmony), then there is already a term for this – contemporary vocal art. Its creed (if one were to be devised) might be: ‘Think with the emotions, feel with the intellect’. Contemporary vocal art defies the separation of the conceptual and perceptual, thought and action, sensory and analytical comprehension, it combines various elements of singing and stylistic diversification, serving as a gateway from the monotony of repetition to the realm of uniqueness.
Okay, that’s essential...
Among the professionals stands Alexandra Porsin, who captures a spectrum of genres, blending academic and pop styles with neoclassical and ethnic influences, while maintaining authenticity in each. Utilizing the most exquisite of musical instruments – the human voice – she guides her audience through a labyrinth of thoughts and interpretations by conveying different emotions throughout the performance. Porsin shines both as a solo performer and as part of a large choir or chamber ensemble, she possesses a rare timbre of voice and an incredible sense of rhythm and harmony. Her talent has already taken her to concerts in numerous countries around the world, where she has garnered widespread adoration.

The ability to wait patiently for the perfect moment is evident in her photography, another domain in which she has a passion that extends beyond that of an amateur. Upon reflection, the phenomena that Alexandra strives to capture through her lens, such as unexpected light aberrations, subtle motions of the human body, the interplay between an object and its surroundings, the resonance of unwanted things, are not always possible to express in words, sometimes, it is only through visual representation that their essence can be conveyed. At times, it can be an emotionally charged experience, while at others, it may not evoke any strong feelings. Nonetheless, it is an experience that demands our attention and requires a certain level of engagement with events that can shift the worldview.

The complexity and distinctiveness of the perceptual experience are invariably linked to the artist’s capacity to transport the audience, both intellectually and spiritually, to alternate realms (memories, fantasies, allusions). In following Alexandra’s performing skills, one is left breathless, as though riding in a car that races up a winding mountain road, pausing only at the turns. Yet, within these pauses lies true enchantment - the magic of music, the magic of voice. And from an external perspective, it may appear as though nothing extraordinary is happening: Alexandra simply stands upon the stage, her mouth agape, arms outstretched, swaying gently to the rhythm.

A performer is an annihilator of the void, a disruptor of the predeterminate systems. For them, the entrenched order of the world (of which at least 95% holds no significance) is merely a form. For Alexandra, to be filled with meanings is to experience joy and the very essence of life – élan vital, according to Henri Bergson’s definition. To deny the existence of this force would be an act of arrogance, especially when one can see how Porsin’s whole being is expressed in every direction.

Currently, Alexandra Porsin is working on a new project that showcases the music of Mikael Tariverdiev, a Georgian composer who left a lasting legacy in the 20th century. Tariverdiev’s music, with its mature and complex compositions, is a challenge for any vocalist. While preparation, Alexandra constantly has to refine various aspects of her artistry, including intonation accuracy, musical taste, aural development, assimilate the
concert experience amassed globally. This path is transforming her already (it will hopefully be visible from the auditorium). The result is self-discovery, and it is only in the process of self-discovery that one reaches the pinnacle.

Anna Brown